Spirits of the Peaks Branding

New to market craft distillers Spirits of the Peaks, needed a visual identity
that reflected their ethos; contemporary crafted quality.

The geographical location and history of the peak district would  form a fundamental part of the identity to position them as a authentic, modern maker
of naturally peated whisky.

In early conversation, it was clear that SOTP didn’t want the textbook looking whiskey branding and instead wanted something with more of a craft appeal. So by researching the history of the peak district and looking into various streams of reference material like natural textures, mill stones and old typography like Anglo Saxon and Old English, a clear direction started to develop.

A hand crafted, bespoke logotype was created that echoed the heritage, history and direction on the brand. It was born from research into early typography and markings from the local peak area then flipped into a modern context. The result was a distinct, contemporary logotype.

A supporting illustration style was created to add more depth and clarity to the visual identity. This was then applied to stationery, website and label designs. SOTP were now positioned to start their journey to craft spirits from the peaks.
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